Roku TV makes it easier to watch your favorite TV channels, shows, movies, and other amazing video content. To enjoy a wide range of entertainment including movies, series, news, and a range of other genres with Roku player, you need to first create a Roku account. Visit and create your Roku account. Connect Roku with your smart tv and start watching your favorite videos.

Find Roku Activation Code

The procedure to obtain Roku key code is given below:

1. Open your web browser and go to the login page.
2. Provide the required details and access your Roku account.
3. Then go to Recover the connection code in the Player option.
4. Open your Roku app Connect once you have obtained the Roku connect code.
5. Enter the code in Roku's link section 

How to Link your Roku Device using

follow the given below steps to link your Roku device at Roku com link:

1. log in to the Roku com link account
2. Go to the Player section
3. Find Roku com link enter code
4. Open a web browser and paste the URL,
5. Type the code in the space that appears
6. Wait for a while until the device linking process complete
7. Use your Roku remote, navigate to the streaming channel tab 

Roku Wireless Setup

1. Power on the devices along with the router after connecting the Ethernet.
2. For the Wi-Fi setup, choose either the WIRED or WIRELESS option for installation
3. Enter the password after choosing the appropriate network name when asked to do so.
4. Users may have to create a account to receive relevant information about their purchases and accounts
5. An activation code generated for entry at to sync the account and the player